What is Chi-Gong Therapy?
When you first visit Master Jane Yang at her clinic, the most obvious thing you will notice is how approachable and understanding Jane is. You are immediately put at ease, perhaps it is her infectious laughter, or her obvious knowledge of what ails you.
Her examination of you is thorough and accurate. She will find exactly where to use her healing CHI to best advantage for you.
Jane is able to accurately see the most
beneficial approach to your condition. Jane will
be able to give you an estimate of the time and
energy you should invest in healing your
complaint, and will invite you to learn some Chi
Gong exercises so that you can make rapid
progress and allow you to feel a sense of
personal responsibility for your own health and
A typical visit to Jane is approximately 30 Mins.

One of the most noticeable results of Chi-Gong
therapy is the feeling of tension release that you
experience. The reason for this is because we are all usually closed off from any sense of being connected to a Universal Field or current of energy. It is precisely this awareness that re-emerges during Chi-Gong practice.
The feeling of this Chi is much more obvious during Chi-Gong therapy due to the Master having a greater build up of personal Chi, and an ability to use this excess Chi for the purpose of healing. Chi Gong aids the nervous system by regulating the balance between excitation and inhibition, thus promoting calmness.

For more information on treatments, email us on treatments@chigong.com.au