Following are references from patients which have had Chi Gong treatment from
Master Jane Yang of the Chi-Gong Therapy Centre


I had breast cancer which was treated by a Mastectomy. Recommended further treatment was Chemotherapy. Jane came to the hospital and treated me with Chi Gong. There were no ill effects from the anaesthetic. Daily treatment helped rapid wound healing. My energy levels in hospital and after were very high. The lymph glands were removed from my armpit leaving me with limited arm movement. Within one month I had the full range of movement back, without any pain, due to the Chi Gong treatment. Normally this recovery is painful and takes much longer.


I came to Jane for treatment on a back injury and received a dramatic improvement in my long standing Multiple Sclerosis condition. I have been able to dispose of my walking stick and disabled parker sticker and now I have the feeling in my right side which had not been there for two years. There is no way that I can express my gratitude. Your treatment works.


I had no real intention of stopping smoking when I went to Jane because I knew I lacked the will power but it has been absolutely effortless and required no willpower at all.


I came to you on the recommendation from a friend for a condition of constant and severe exhaustion which had persisted for several years and had been diagnosed by a physician as an immune system disorder. A new advanced drug treatment had been tried for about nine months with no effect. After one treatment by you the severe exhaustion disappeared and has not returned. After three treatments, I felt as if I was back to normal although there has been even more improvement with the self help Chi Gong you have taught us in your course. A recent low energy period after overdoing my work effort for several weeks was quickly remedied by three treatments from you. I thank you from heart for my renewed energies.


With greatly reduced liver function caused by White’s disease. A complicated malfunction of the body’s immune system, I sought Chi-Gong treatment from Jane Yang and Paul Lichfield. The subsequent recovery has returned the kidney function to within the normal range. I have been feeling better and have gradually been able to return to work.


My two teenagers who were suffering from severe stress, Trauma and bronchial were given psychological and physical relief from Jane and are now coping. My 88 year old, mother had gross contractures of her left hand and although little could be done because of her age and severity of the contractures, she is now able to clean between her fingers with less pain after treatment by Jane. We have also been more than pleased with the results of Chi-Gong treatment on my 21 year old son’s facial cyst.