This Style of Chi-Gong has been developed by Master Jane Yang and is her personal distillation of the many forms and styles of Chi-Gong that she has learned and taught over the last 35 years.

Together with her husband and partner Paul Litchfield, Jane
has refined and gone beyond the Traditional Styles of
Chi-Gong to develop a form of Chi-Gong that approaches
the concept of Healing and Practice from a completely
different point of view.Master Jane Yang offers her
clients a very real practice that enables them to
Integrate the seemingly separate aspects of Body-Mind
and Spirit into a way that Both Strengthens and Balances
the Whole Being while Reconnecting them to the Universal
Field of Life.

Master Jane Yang has during the past few years been developing, practicing and teaching a unique style of Chi-Gong called
Wu-Ji Chi-Gong
Previous to this time she was practicing and teaching what are considered to be the Traditional styles of Chi-Gong.
(Zhineng Gong, Gou Lin Walking Chi-Gong, Shang Gong, Yan Xin Chi-Gong and many other forms of External and Internal Chi-Gong exercises).
As useful as they are Jane found that they are just exercises designed to relax and strengthen the body and mind. Simple or complex, they only have this effect.
Jane has used many different forms of External Chi-Gong Healing Techniques, some based on the Techniques of Traditional Chinese Chi-Gong Healing and some based on her own developing understanding of how the body works.
These innovative approaches have had positive effects on the Bodies and Minds of her clients, so much so that her clinic in Blackburn is always busy.
But what Jane has observed in her clinic is that all Techniques of any kind, all the various forms of
Chi-Gong practices which are very numerous and even the various forms of Traditional Yogic practices including all the various forms of Meditation Techniques are no more Truly effective in releasing the fundamental tension that exists in all living beings, than are the more traditional techniques of Drug Therapies and Invasive Medical Procedures such as the Radical removal of diseased organs. It did not matter what alternatives she offered her clientele, whether it was a form of Traditional Chi-Gong Exercises or other more Traditional Eastern Meditative Techniques. Jane noticed that the effects in the body-mind were temporary and only gave the appearance
of a healthy body through providing an excess of what is called Chi in their bodies. Jane noticed that as soon as a person stopped whatever form of remedial techniques they were practicing they soon returned to an imbalanced bodily state, because as soon as they used up this excess Chi, they would slowly go back to where they started, in some cases feeling even worse, because now they had a feeling of being disillusioned that this so called miracle cure is not working either. In fact Jane has yet to see any technique of any kind that can truly effect the great change people are hoping for.
The words Wu-Ji mean the Purest Original Force. It is depicted as an Empty Circle.
Master Jane Yang’s feeling about the Wu-Ji is that it truly is not just an empty force as depicted by the empty circle, but a field of Energy full of Blessing, Beauty, and Great Peacefulness. This field is indeed the Source of all things.
Jane has found that she could come to rest in this great field and all kinds of changes at the human level would occur. Changes occurred in Peoples lives that were benign, healings at the physical level, at the emotional level, even at the mental level. She has noticed wonderful changes in people’s fundamental personality. When her earlier students were able to find and rest consciously in this Wu-Ji field, they also started to experience these changes.
Master Jane Yang has seen a great change in many of our client’s lives as a result of “Soaking them” so to speak in this Wu-Ji Field. She has noticed fundamental changes in personality, disposition to ordinary life, changes in their relationships to themselves as well as to their families and work situations. These changes are not just superficial; they are a growing process of change and adaptation to a completely different way of life.
This practice of Wu-Ji Chi-Gong is one in which all the various factors that lead us to become ill and out of balance with the Life-force that lives and breathes all living beings, can begin to be seen as our own action and therefore able to be acted upon intelligently and gradually changed. The one major effect of this Practice and Treatment seems to be an increased force of bodily purification that appears to be working at a cellular level. Physical, Emotional shocks that are buried in the bodies structures both physical and subtle are able to be released in this process in ways that are lasting and true. Bringing a balance to the Body-Mind that Jane had never seen before bringing lasting and positive benefits.
The practice of Wu-Ji Chi-Gong is one of consciously bringing ones feeling and attention into the Wu-Ji field of energy. This practice is taught by Jane Yang in both her Seminars and Retreats.
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