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The Chi-Gong Therapy Centre
Presents a Seminar on

Wu-Ji Chi-Gong By

Jane Yang - Chi-Gong Master

This Style of Chi-Gong has been developed by Master Jane Yang
and is her personal distillation of the many forms and styles of Chi-Gong that she has learned and taught over the last 35 years.
Together with her husband and partner Paul Litchfield.
Jane has refined and gone beyond the Traditional Styles of Chi-Gong to develop a form of Chi-Gong that approaches the concept
of Healing and Practice from a completely different point of view. Master Jane Yang offers her clients a very real practice that enables them to Integrate the seemingly separate aspects of Body-Mind and Spirit into a way that Both Strengthens & Balances the Whole Being while Reconnecting them to the
Universal Field of Life.

This way is called Wu-Ji Chi-Gong
It is a Field of Blessing
Beauty and Infinite Sweetness.
It has no secrets. It is no secret.
It is Beauty itself. Manifest as all Things and all Beings.

When the Being is able to fall into the feeling of this Wu-Ji Field, then there begins to be manifest, various signs of Calm and Peace in the Body-Mind. This is the place where True Healing begins.

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