What is Chi Gong?
CHI means life energy. GONG means work with practice. Therefore CHI-GONG is the art and science of utilising this life energy in ways and means that can not only enhance your life, but also heal many different kinds of problems.
We are surrounded by an ocean of inexhaustible energy, that the ancient Chinese call CHI. The practice of Chi-Gong exercises for the healing of self and others are many and varied not only in style but also in effect. So much so that the Chinese government has devoted much effort to studying the different styles and their results. Millions of Chinese get out of bed very early every morning to practice their particular forms of Chi-Gong.

Who is Master Jane Yang?
Master Jane Yang is a practicing Chi-Gong Master, who migrated to Australia Thirteen years ago. She has been practicing Chi-Gong Therapy for 35 years and is well known both here and in China as a true Master of the art and science of Chi-Gong.
Having nearly died herself from an incurable
heart disease, in which her heart regularly
refused to beat any more than 40 beats
per minute and needing oxygen for what
she thought were the last six months of her
life, Jane eventually found a Chi-Gong Master
who was able to heal her. Jane then went on
to learn as much as much as she was able to
from some of the most powerful Chi-Gong
Masters in China.
Jane is known both here and in China as a
true Master of the art and science of Chi
Gong. She is able to emit CHI from her body

at will, combined with her ability to see illness
reflected in the human energy field also known as the Aura, and a compassion and understanding of human nature rarely seen today. Jane has a very successful healing and teaching practice here in Melbourne.

How can you learn Chi-Gong?
Master Jane Yang has been teaching classes in health maintenance and offering her unique style of Chi Gong Therapy for the last 13 years and continues to do so.
This specialised form of Chi-Gong treatment and her informative Seminars are now being taught here in Australia by Master Jane Yang of the Chi-Gong Therapy Centre in Blackburn, Melbourne.
For details on Chi-Gong Therapy or Seminar times and availability, please contact Master Jane Yang or her partner Paul Litchfield at the Chi-Gong Therapy Centre, 5 Frankcom Street. Blackburn.
For Appointments call 9878 8098

What are the benefits of Chi-Gong?
One of the most noticeable results of engaging in Chi-Gong practice or having some Chi-Gong therapy is the feeling of tension release that you experience. The reason for this is because we are all usually closed off from any sense of being connected to a Universal Field or current of energy. It is precisely this awareness that re-emerges during Chi-Gong practice.
The feeling of this CHI is much more obvious during CHI-GONG therapy due to the Master having a greater build up of personal CHI, and an ability to use this excess Chi for the purpose of healing. Chi Gong aids the nervous system by regulating the balance between excitation and inhibition, thus promoting calmness.
Chi-Gong allows more restful and beneficial sleep, by its promotion of the relaxation response.
Chi-Gong helps the respiratory system by improving the function of the lungs and increasing their vital capacity.
Chi-Gong aids in the promotion of good blood circulation, thus benefiting the heart.
Chi-Gong also helps to promote normal functioning of the digestive and eliminative systems by normalizing gastric secretions and balancing muscular movements, thus constipation or diarrhoea are uncommon in those who practice CHI-GONG regularly
Chi-Gong can normalize body weight by its ability to restore imbalances in the bodies organs, thus those who are over or under weight will often be surprised by the difference that CHI-GONG practice or therapy can make to their weight.
Chi-Gong techniques can be learned to regulate high or low blood pressure.
Chi-Gong is known to enhance the body’s natural immunity thereby allowing us to fight and fend off numerous colds and flu as well as many other diseases.
Chi-Gong has been used many times in China as an adjunct in the fight against Cancer, Heart Disease, anti-immune diseases such as H.I.V/Aids, as well as Asthma, Migraines, Ulcers, Kidney and Gallstones, as well as many other common complaints.